Welcome to Stabil - Lab

Stabil-Lab now offers a complete stability storage service to take the headache out of your stability program. We have the following chambers conditions.

25°C 60%RH, 30°C 65%RH, 30 °C 75%RH and 40°C 75%RH.

Monthly billing that can easily be accommodated, Complete data dossier to fully comply with MCC requirements.

No problem with power outages. 125 kVA generator on site.

Off site storage for better thermal and security control.

Peace of mind with your stability program.

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Our Story

Stabil Lab was started by Dr Herman Julsing in 2015 when he realised many companies had difficulties with stability storage.

Our Vision

Our aim is to continue helping more Pharmaceutical Laboratories and Applicants with Stability storage to eliminate the problems normally encountered when doing this “in house”.

This takes away the stability headaches encountered in SAHPRA audits.

Stabil - Lab offers you peace of mind with your stability program

  • Collection and delivery of samples

  • Graphs and statistical reports monthly

  • Full Calendar of scheduled sample removals

  • All documentation to ICH, WHO and SAHPRA requirements

  • 40 + years experience in the laboratory and R&D environments

  • Full electricity backup

  • Deviation alarms via email

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A Pharmaceutical Stability Storage Facility, to monitor all types of pharmaceutical dosage forms.